Custom Tailored Suits

Exclusive Handcrafted
Fine Italian Menswear

Perfectly fit to your personality and measurements

Committed to always creating a custom tailored reflection of your sophistication and sense of class.

Mr. ZianniPresident & CEO

Custom tailored suits

Detailed to reflect your style, sophistication and sense of class.


Compliments to your suit at every turn.

Top Italian fabrics

Ultra premium fabrics, design and quality.


Each stitch custom crafted to the intricate detail.

Refreshingly unique custom tailoring & design

Carefully crafted to create a unique pattern based on your measurements—chalked directly upon the fabric of your choice.

Just as your uniqueness is the very thing that makes you successful, so will be your suit, sport coat or blazer as an expression of your individuality.

100% Made in Italy top quality fabrics

Exclusive Zianni fabrics are 100% fine Italian materials bringing the highest quality of Italian history, design and perfection.

Hundreds and hundreds of designs are at your beckon call. Zianni Italian fabrics bring every suit to its shape and longevity in retaining form.
Harry Winston

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Mr. Zianni — the orchestrator of fine tailoring brilliance

Mr. Zianni is the owner and president of the renowned high fashion menswear we-come-to-you-service Mr. Zianni Exclusively Custom Collection.

When Mr. Zianni visits a client, he brings with him the expertise in professional wear for top executives as well as for that special occasion where attendance is a must.

Mr. Zianni has a true talent in wardrobe selection for any person that wants to look fabulous for any situation.

Suits, Coats & Blazers

Custom tailored to your body type.

Custom Shirts

100% Egyptian Cotton.

Ties & Accessories

Everything you need to compliment yourself and your suit.