Because the first measurement is as important as the final stitch.

Mr. Zianni provides an extra level of time and attention for everyone, no matter the service, because impeccable Italian designs and your style deserves it.

It all begins with a first meeting at a convenient location and time for you. Connect through a Zianni program or set a personal appointment to start your tailored service.

Events, Celebrations & Trade Shows

An Ultra-convenient way to mix business with the pleasure crafting your fine Italian design.

Maximize the time of your industry event by stopping by the Mr. Zianni booth or scheduling your time in advance.

The popular Zianni display will showcase popular Italian design trends and latest fashion secrets. Check for Mr. Zianni on your show schedule or suggest an appearance at your next event.

Suggest a Location
Area and regional hotel suite blitzes

Short term relocation of the Zianni tailor-mobile-studio to your metropolitan area.

Zianni proves provides an extra level of convenience for major metro requests or an extension of Mr. Zianni's travels.

Our desire is to meet the demand when and where you need it most. Generally hosted in a suite high above the skyline, you'll choose your fine Italian designs and get tailored measured down to the finest details. The traveling ensemble provides display of the exquisite options for your custom tailored suit, shirt and accessories. See when Mr. Zianni will be in your area or request his presence.
Gay Talese

“Putting on a beautifully designed suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter.”

Corporate Visits

Conference rooms: book from a day to a week, Mr. Zianni is there to serve.

Bring the convenience of the Zianni tailor-mobile-studio to your office location.

Book an afternoon, a day, a week... or one-time appointment to serve one or all of your office staff. A great way to maximize the efficiency of your office operations and treat your personnel to a showcase of the latest fashion design trends.

Request a Meeting
Personalized settings and events

Individualized bookings to expand and upscale closet for your yourself, your team or office.

Request a meeting on your time, at your convenience and venue of you choosing. Retreats, year-end award ceremonies and annual recognition meetings are among the many common requests for Mr. Zianni to level-up an event.

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